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Recreation Fire and Miracles Ministries (RFMM) is a fast growing Spirit-led ministry committed to prophetic deliverance and teaching of the Word of God in its local communities and throughout the world.

It was founded on March 24, 2011 with 13 members worshipping at its first location in Minnesota, USA, according to God's instructions to our General Overseer Prophet Austin Idahosa.

By 2012, the church had outgrown its worship space and had to relocate to a bigger space to better serve their congregation.


With its headquarters in Minnesota, our congregation is comprised of a very diverse group of people from several countries.


Other RFMM locations include branches in Nigeria (Lagos, Uyo State, Port Harcourt), Burundi, Uganda, Kenya, Monrovia - Liberia, and more recently, Cameroon.

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Recreation Fire and Miracles Ministries is dedicated to helping people discover, pursue and fulfill their God-given destinies and purpose on earth. It achieves this by teaching people how to pray targeted prayers, and by providing scriptural teachings on holiness, genuineness and Christian virtues required to make heaven.


It is also heavily invested in various acts of charity within the community through food sharing and taking care of people in need. Through crusades, conferences and other evangelical activities, this Spirit-led ministry preaches the gospel to win souls to Jesus Christ world-wide


Our vision is to propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to save souls all over the world through sound teaching of the Word of God, prophetic utterances and unimaginable total deliverances.

Hebrews 4:12; Deuteronomy 21:10; Acts 1:8.

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