Prophetic Release

Prophecies of the Year 2020 by Prophet Austin Idahosa 

Year of Greater Greatness and Greater Glory



1. Year of great height, great attraction and great attention for individuals and church. 

2. Year of big heart for big issue. 

3. Year of notable riches: givers will be rewarded and the stingy will cry. 

4. Year of undiluted grace. Psalm 45. 

5. Year where kings will fight kings, and nobles will fight each other. 

6. Year of big connections for riches and wealth. Psalm 45. 

7. Year where the Speaker of the House in the U.S. needs to pray in order to complete the year.

8. Year of freezing weather and uncontrollable heat- places that have never experienced cold before will. 

9. Year whereby Liberia needs to pray against civil battle and recession. 

10. Year where Liberia needs to pray for their president, so that he can complete his term. 

11. Year of unusual flood in unusual places. 

12. Year of oppression and intimidation for nations, organizations and individuals. 

13. Year of a mini-war. 

14. A year where the drum will be played without the drummer.

15. Year of Golden recovery. 

16. Year of fire disaster. 

17. Year of big crisis in Nigeria - tribal war and religious issues. They need to pray so they don’t lose their democracy. 

18. Year where prominent people in Nigeria May be taken. 

19. Year of explosion, especially in Europe, Africa and the US. 

20. Year where the royal family in the UK needs to pray against issues:  mourning, marriage crises, scandals. 

21. Year where China’s trade secrets and dirty dealings will be exposed. Their moves to enslave African countries will be exposed. 

22. Year of terrorists. 

23. Year where the U.S. needs to pray against a recession. Stocks will fluctuate. 

24. Year of trade- spiritually and physically. 

25. Year of celebration. 

26. Year where Cameroon will have a divine intervention for deliverance. 

27. Year whereby the fool will control the wise. 

28. Year whereby those who sit will fight with those that are not sitting. 

29. Year of ghost chase- in government, companies and for individuals. 

30. A terrible year for gays and lesbians. 

31. Year where Russia will meet its waterloo.

32. Year where Europe needs to pray against challenges with those that they are accommodating. 

33. A year where Canada needs to pray against terrorists.

34. Year where gold will fall from the hands of the owner to somebody else. 

35. US elections: Year where prominent people in politics will not return. 

36. Year of majesty for children of God.

37. Year of award and reward. Psalm 1

38. Year when a notable man of God will be taken early.

39. Year of multiple babies, especially baby boys. 


For Recreationers

1. Year of fame for Recreation and its members.

2. Year of great heights and Attraction. 

3. Year whereby members will enjoy upliftment glory. 

4. Year of multiple marriages


What to do for 2020.

1. Renew your covenant with God

2. Seek His presence 

3. Plead the blood of Jesus all the times

4. Listen more and talk less

5. Increase your prayer life for revelation and direction 

6. Search the word of God for confirmation of everything 

7. Obedience and Humility 

8. Be a giver

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