Prophetic Release

Prophecies of the Year 2021 by Prophet Austin Idahosa 

Year of Hallelujah Evidence



  1. Year of gold and money. Psalm 21. 

  2. Year of launching out for success, glory, and promotion. 

  3. Year of transformation into destiny manifestation. 

  4. Year of time and season for destiny  delivery.

  5. Year of angelic operation. 

  6. Year of rebellion and betrayal. 

  7. Year of demonic fashion. 

  8. Year of execution of domestic enemies. 

  9. Year of earthquake in strange places. 

  10. Year of big connections. 

  11. Year of upgrading and replacement. Esther 4, Esther 6. 

  12. Year of high voltage sin and pollution (year of upgrading of sodomy). 

  13. Year of party and worldliness. 

  14. Year of Confrontation and overcoming. 

  15. Year of outrageous fire. 

  16. Year of bombing and explosions. 

  17. Year of wickedness. 

  18. Year when many demonic pastors will arise - deception will increase. 

  19. A year whereby France needs prayers to escape all kinds of crisis.. 

  20. Year of Alarm, noise and threats among nations, communities and people. 

  21. Year of big tsunamis and floods all over the world.

  22. Year of another strange sickness from Asia and Africa.  

  23. A good year for wise people to invest in Africa. 

  24. Year of execution of many wicked leaders in Africa. 

  25. Year of continued non-violent and violent protests. 

  26. Year of multiple deaths of kings, queens and notable people. 

  27. Year of civil war in many places, except prayers are rendered. 

  28. A good year for the economy and for stock investment. 

  29. Year where Nigeria needs to pray so that many prominent people don’t die. 

  30. Year where Nigeria must pray so that they don’t experience the military overthrowing their democracy and division.

  31. Year where China will create another problem for the world. 

  32. Year of miracle with evidence. 

  33. Year of trouble and heat for the outgoing president of the US. 

  34. Year of deception. 

  35. Year of imbalance for politicians all over the year. 

  36. Year when God will contend with and destroy unrepentant enemies. 

  37. Year of fruitfulness for those waiting on God for babies. 

  38. Year where Liberia needs to pray against serious economic and political issues. 

  39. Year where Liberia must pray so that foreigners don’t take over their resources and economy. 

  40. Year whereby desert will turn into garden for children of God. Isaiah 51.

  41. Year where Uganda must pray against serious challenges. 

  42. Year where Nigerian must pray so that their democracy does not turn into a military regime. 

  43. Year where Nigerian politicians need to pray against punishment and imprisonments. 

  44. Year where many of God’s generals will be called and new ones will occupy their spots. 

  45. Year of strange laws and policies that will prove the coming of the anti-Christ all over the world. 

  46. Year of persecution for the children of God. 

  47. Year where Iran will cause issues for the Middle East. 

  48. Year where Russia’s secrets will be exposed. 

  49. A good year for oil companies and agriculture. 

  50. Year of a new science discovery.  

  51. Year where Hong Kong needs to pray against war with China.

  52. Year where China needs to pray against internal civil crisis and power tussle. 

  53. Year where Sierra Leone needs to pray against crisis water battle. 

  54. Year of new beginning for many people. 

  55. An Angelic year. 

  56. A bad year for Christians that are lukewarm. Rev 3. 

  57. A dangerous year for proud and arrogant people. 

  58. Year where America must pray against internal and external attack. 


For Recreationers

  1. Year of big tree (identification). Daniel 4: 11. 

  2. God will give Recreation a big property. 

  3. Year where God will give Recreation access to radio and television. 

  4. Year of befitting success and miracles. 

  5. Year of unending jubilation. Lev 25. 

  6. Year of dynamic favor. 



What to do in 2021

  1. See far and see better to be saved from confusion. 

  2. Pray for your eyes to be open. 

  3. Be loyal, trustworthy and stable.

  4. Pray for big connection; fast till 31 January. 

  5. Pray against criticism and set-up.