Prophetic Release

Prophecies for the Year 2022 as declared by our General Overseer, Prophet Austin Idahosa. Isaiah 61:7.


1. Year of lost and found (opportunities, helpers, connections). 

2. Year of double glory and double honor. 

3. Year of introduction for success (Year of come and See.)

4. Year of upgrading for double glory and double achievement.

5. Year where we need to pray against any unfortunate event for the US president. 

6. Year of too much television drama. 

7. Year of nuclear weapon threat. 

8. Year of Absalom act (year of household enemy battle)

9. Year of excellent result that will be known. Isaiah 12:5

10. Year of mini-war (verbal and weapon) that may become a huge war (Iran).

11. Year of ease and flourishing. Daniel 4:4. 

12. Year of disease and man-made disease. 

13. Year of extreme strange weather (many hurricanes, tornadoes and floods). 

14. Year of cash scarcity. Electronic purchases will be encouraged more. 

15. Year where a former Nigerian president needs to pray against poisoning and being taken. 

16. A dangerous year of floods that will damage many nations. 

17. Year of uncommon prosperity and wealth. Genesis 2. 

18. Year of increased crime in Los Angeles. 

19. Year of properties.

20. Year of addition and division.

21. Year of marital breakthrough and divorce.

22. Year of solid elevation connection. 

23. Year of deep killing in Liberia, fracas and exposing of secrets in arenas of power. 

24. Year of resolution and confrontation to take out many unrepentant political leaders. 

25. Year where mockers will be mocked. 

26. Year of Fire disaster. 

27. Year of decoration for the faithful. 

28. Year of pull and push (into and out of success and places of power).

29. Year of masquerade exposure and initiation. 

30. Year where many traffickers and their sponsors will be exposed. 

31. Year where things will be different than they look. 

32. Year of range of tsunamis and earthquakes. 

33. Year of new birth of many things. 

34. Year of exposure of false prophets and voodoo people Jeremiah 27. 

35. Year of honor for the faithful  and righteous. 

36. Year where nation will swallow nation. 

37. Year of operation of serpent as in the Garden of Eden (deception, manipulation, bewitchment, betrayal and biting. 

38. Year of divine connection for victory, reward and celebration. Isaiah 25:2-4. 

39. Year of golden medal. 

40. Year of benefit of loyalty. Ruth 2. 

41. Year of terrorist operation. 

42. Year of flourishing economy and imbalanced economy. 

43. A good year for agriculture. 

44. A clown year, where the blind will direct people. Media will mislead a lot of people. 

45. Year where of sudden crown. Esther 2. 

46. Year where many famous kings and queens will be taken. 

47. Year where new social media platforms will emerge and compete with Facebook and Instagram. 

48. A year where Apple needs to pray against crisis. 

49. Year where God will bring out sand from the well where the devil has closed. 

50. Year of reward for the cheerful giver. 

51. Year of reality of good prophecies and good dreams. 

52. Year of kill and divide. 

53. Year where oil will have issues. 

54. Year where world leaders will come together to form one order. 

55. Year where the Middle East will have issues. 


Strategies to survive 2022

1. More Intimacy with God through the Holy Spirit.

2. Consistent inquiry.

3. Study and research. 

4. Sacrifice- giving huge.

5. Selflessness.

6. Addicted to prayer and fasting.

7. Focus on goals and block distraction.

8. Search and select the same direction passenger.

9. Fast to hear but slow to speak.

10. Build relationship like a baby with God and be mature with adults. 

11. Become a person of honor.

12. Build loyalty.

13. Avoid massive social gatherings and parties. 

14. Pray for protection all the time.