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Prophetic Release

Prophecies of Year 2023


  1. Year of Royal Comfort

  2. Year of generational restoration

  3. Year God will use enemy against enemy. (Monkey become goal keeper)

  4. Year of another mini war.

  5. Year of judgement for those have been tormenting children of God both physical and spiritual 

  6. Year of recognition and outstanding success 

  7. Year of shakeup for White House

  8. Year of abundance for the Economy

  9. Year of strange weather (tornado and rainfall)

  10. Year of religion pollution. (Activate one world order)

  11. Year of strange sickness. (Old may comeback)

  12. Year of cashless society, more electronic means.

  13. Year that America needs prayer so the dollar won’t be pulled down and not have value

  14. Year America needs to pray against external and internal conflict 

  15. Year the Middle East will rise, alliance will be formed to takeover the world.

  16. Year we need to pray another Pope will be taken or resign 

  17. Year of multiple marriages

  18. Year of scandals. Serious scandal in mighty places.

  19. Year that we need to pray for Pentecostal Spiritual fathers. Either be taken and secrets of who they really are being revealed.

  20. Year of uniform infestation, military operation

  21. Year to pray for Sierra Leone that democracy isn’t overtaken by military 

  22. Year of notable success for children of God

  23. Year of manifestation of Psalm 23

  24. Year that honey will come out of rock. Success from strange places

  25. Year God will show Himself in Liberia.

  26. Year of money. (Raise and wealth transfer)

  27. Year of gate possession. (Good gate and gate of enemies)

  28. Year that many wicked politicians will die mysteriously. 

  29. Year of evangelism. (Evangelize for God and you shall prosper)

  30. Year of rising stars.

  31. Year of great discovery in technology.

  32. Year of natural disasters.

  33. Year Zimbabwe glory shall be restored.

  34. Year of breaking limits by anointing 

  35. Year of trade by barter. (Demonic exchange)

  36. Year of internal confrontation in all American settings

  37. Year of territory attacks.

  38. Year of notable victories, uncommon speed, strength and royalty for children of God

  39. Year multiple settlement 

  40. Year of royal scandal 


For Recreation

  1. Year of global recognition and outstanding success

  2. Year of highway of testimonies

  3. Year of effortless results

  4. Year of all round positive congratulations 

  5. Year of announcement

  6. Year of commissioning of good things


What do you do for they year to be your best year

  1. Invest in Evangelism

  2. Cry to God for anointing me power

  3. Serve God in truth me in spirit

  4. Be humble

  5. Be a addicted giver

  6. Fear God more than you fear man

  7. Honor authority and those that have helped you

  8. Be kingdom minded  

  9. Focus

  10. Be ready to learn at all times 

  11. Runaway from anger

  12. Ask God for gift of vision and dream

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