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Monthly Prayer

Begin to pray these prayer points from tonight until next Wednesday before the program.

“War against foundation prayer”

1. Every evil contact from my foundation that’s causing problems for me, be destroyed
2. Power from my foundation that’s bringing disorder to our lives, catch fire
3. Any evil contact from my foundation to my location that’s affecting my promotion and prosperity be blocked by rock of ages
4. Anything buried against my destiny from my foundation be exhumed
5. Power that is prospering over my handwork from my foundation receive judgement
6. Any spiritual sentence that I’m serving due to the problem of my foundation blood of Jesus set me free
7. Anyone standing as a strong man/woman in my foundation that has vowed ill never be what God called me to be, living or dead receive judgement
8. Oh God arise, pull me out of any spiritual hole bondage grave that my foundation has kept me
9. Anything that my foundation has damaged that is affecting my life physically be repaired
10. Altar and shrine that is demanding me spiritually and physically from my foundation scatter by thunder
11. I renounce and reject every spiritual evil name given to me by my ancestors and my foundation
12. Oh God my father locate my foundation and pull me out
13. Altar and location from my foundation that is claiming ownership over me I come against you with the blood of Jesus, scatter
14. Anything that is summoning me for backwardness from my foundation, be destroyed
15. Evil seed from my foundation inside me be uprooted
16. My foundation hear the word of the Lord release me totally
17. Operation of strong man and woman from my foundation against my next level be terminated
18. Anything they’re worshiping in my foundation that’s detaining people glory lose your hold and be destroyed
19. I claim my rightful position by fire
20. I regain all my prosperity, everything that belongs to me that’s been caged by foundational power
21. I break every soul tie, blood link with my foundation

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