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21 Days Prayer and Fasting

 Week 1: Mercy of God

(Confession) 1 Samuel 9:19-25

Psalm 51, 84 & 136

1.   Oh God arise, by your mercy place me in high places this year

2.   Mercy of God, connect me to people in high places this year

3.   Mercy of God, distinguish me in every high place this year

4.   I receive mercy to meet my goal this year

5.   Mercy of God, connect me to great men and women for success

6.   By your mercy oh God, let my vision become manifestation this year

7.   By the mercy of God, oh God crown my effort this year

8.   Mercy of God, put me in a place of celebration this year     

9.   By your mercy expose to me every enemy of my blessing this year

10.          Mercy to discover something and accomplish it this year I receive it

11.          Oh God make me a household name by your mercy this year

12.          Creative blessing and wealth locate me by mercy of God

13.          I receive the mercy of God for all round testimony

Week 2: Power for Accomplishment

Psalm 62:11

Act 2

Act 10:38


  1. I receive power to break all barriers

  2. I receive power to trample upon serpent and scorpions of all challenges

  3. I receive power to destroy every strong enemy assigned against me

  4. I shall manifest in the power of Holy Ghost throughout this year

  5. Power of God overshadow my life

  6. Anointing for something new come upon me

  7. Oh God my father let me function in Holy Ghost for signs and wonders this year

  8. By the power in the name of Jesus I operate above principalities and powers

  9. I receive power to break every yolk

  10. I receive power to accomplish great success this year

  11. I shall be the vessel of Holy Ghost this year for myself and others

  12. Holy Ghost break every yolk from me and through me to others

  13. I receive power for amazing results

  14. Oh God arise demonstrate your signs and wonders through me

  15. I receive power of Holy Ghost to destroy evil powers on assignment against me

  16. Oh God arise baptize me with Holy Ghost and power to do good

  17. Power of God change my record this year

  18. I receive power to unlock every door of success



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