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In one simple prayer, Jabez caught God’s attention and received a life-changing miracle from a life of pain and sorrow to a life of abundance, prosperity, establishment, and security (I Chronicles 4:10). Why was his prayer answered abundantly? Because Jabez understood that only the power of God can change any situation, no matter how dire, and he was determined to see change. So, he made targeted requests to God asking for blessings, enlargement and for evil to be removed from him, and God answered his prayer.
As a result, he became more honorable than his brothers according to the Bible. 

In this book, Prophet Austin Idahosa will deepen your understanding of spiritual mysteries and unseen forces that operate behind the scenes to hinder the blessings that God has in store for every Christian. He also provides directions on how to pray targeted prayers that will enable you to break through your limitations and enter into sustainable divine blessings and abundance.


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